Badminton Club

Share & Grow Association (S&GA) proudly introduces the S&G Youth Badminton Club, which will act as a separate club under the fiscal sponsorship of S&GA. The main objective of the S&G Youth Badminton club is to help our children to become physically and mentally fit and to provide training to the children who are interested to play badminton.


The mission of the S&G Youth Badminton Club is to promote friendship and to develop fitness and health of the children in Oklahoma, so that the club members may become physically fit, emotionally mature, mentally well and morally upright pursuing a peaceful and positive quality of life through Badminton as sport.


The vision of PBAC is to be a good badminton player as we enjoy the friendship of one another, to promote the idea of sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle, the development of skills, the well-being derived from physical activity, and the social aspects which the S&G Youth Badminton Club has to offer.

Coach: Shawn Lam

Club Training Location: Irving Recreation Center (125 Vicksburg Ave, Norman, OK 73071 );

Training Hours: 6:30- 8:00 pm, every Saturday, exceptions will be announced;

Contact Person: Penghe (Penn) Qiu (405-200-7327);