S&GA Youth English Public Speaking Contest

(to be hosted by Share & Grow Association Student Board)

Share & Grow Association Student Board (S&GA-SB) is inviting young people to express themselves of thoughtful minds to raise their voices for a better future. S&GA-SB is working towards building a better world where every child is able to shine, inside and out.

Change the world with your voice. It starts with you.


K – 12th grade

When and Where

When: Contest date and time: Saturday December 5th, 2020 | 2-5PM

Where: Zoom Meeting

How to Register and Registration Fee

How: Must register on www.sharegrow.org

Deadline for registration: 11:59pm November 28, 2020

Registration Fee: Free

Categories and Category Contest Rules

We will have three age-related category groups:

Category 1: Junior (K– 3rd grade);

Category 2: Intermediate (4th grade – 8th grade);

Category 3: Senior (9th grade – 12th grade).

I. Topics of Public Speaking: Junior

1. What is the best part of Christmas?

It’s that holiday season again. When you wander around the town, Christmas theme decorations and songs are everywhere. There are so many different parts to Christmas from trees and lights to gingerbread houses and gifts. Indeed, everyone gets excited when Christmas arrives. So we want to know what is your favorite part about the Christmas season and why?

2. What color is Math?

Math, isn’t it just always frustrating when some random Roman numerals and a combination of weird-looking symbols can somehow throw you off. Yet, there’s beauty all around its margin. Remember the first time you solved a seemingly impossible math problem without having to look back your textbook or asking your parents? Surely, everyone has a different feeling about math. In a similar vein, everyone has a different sense about colors. In your own personal thought, describe what math means to you and which color best represents math.

Suggestions – You may want to share your thoughts on:

·Which color represents the field of Math? Why? Describe the appeals and senses that both of them make you feel.

·What does math mean to you?

3. Which is more important: Reading or Math

The battle between Reading and Math is so much more than what meets the eye. It is literature, history, imagination, and fantasy against math, science, engineering, technology, statistics, algebra, and geometry. Whether you want to deal with it or not, these subjects will both be in your lives for as long as you walk the earth. Do you have a preference of which one is more important?

Suggestions – You may want to share your thoughts on:

· Which do you prioritize first? Math or Reading? Why?

· How do you balance these two subjects?

II. Topics of Public Speaking: Intermediate

1. How can schools best fight COVID-19?

In the year of 2020, the world has been struck by a global pandemic. Here in the U.S., we’re near halfway into our school semester, with many different schools using different measures to fight COVID-19. Some schools

Suggestions – You may want to share your thoughts on:

Your plan on how you would approach the pandemic to limit the spread of the virus if you were an officer

What specific protocols should be established?

What can schools do both actively and passively to both students and parents?

Your personal school experience under the pandemic and argue if your school has been effective so far

2. Is the Earth Flat?

Is the Earth flat - a simple question for some, but a hot topic that resurfaced quickly during 2016 and 2018. In fact, it’s been a theory for centuries.

Although most of us probably know the answer, let’s dive deep into the real reasonings behind them. Jump in, and try and go out of your comfort zone for this one!

Suggestions – You may want to share your thoughts on:

· Pick a side to argue for, whether it be Affirmative or Negative. (Affirmative being “Yes, the Earth is flat”, and Negative being “No, the Earth is not flat”). Make sure to support your own side as you present your argumentative speech!

· Cite some causes on why some people may or may not think the Earth is flat. Remember, your speech might not be good because it is simply factual - the person with the best speech with the strongest delivered points will win.

3. Should All People Be Vegan?

Recently, the vegan movement has been trending, whether it’s from vegan rallies in California to ThatVeganTeacher on TikTok. Some say that you live longer if you are vegan. Some say being vegan is better for the environment. People who are opposed to veganism say that humans naturally eat meat, and that if everyone were vegan, we would destroy the economy and the food chain.

Suggestions – You may want to share your thoughts on:

· Which side you are on

· Reasons why you take that side. You may use evidence that you find on the internet, however, be sure to cite your sources

4. How Does Spongebob Influence A Child’s Mental Development? ((may revise if needed)

If you ask any person that was born in Gen-Z what their favorite childhood TV show was, they will most likely say Spongebob. However, over the past decade, many psychologists report that Spongebob could potentially have a negative impact on a child’s mental development. Many people argue back, saying that Spongebob has no negative influence on a child’s mental development. Some even say that Spongebob has a very positive influence on a child’s mental development.

Suggestions – You may want to share your thoughts on:

· How Spongebob impacts a child’s brain (Positively, Negatively, or No Effect)

· Arguments supporting your claim. You may use evidence or logic to back up your arguments.

III. Topics of Public Speaking: Senior

1. Should U.S. universities reduce tuition if they do distance learning classes for the entire fall semester?

At this time, we’re facing an unprecedented health crisis - and it’s affecting all of us. In this case, specifically, schools. Universities and college tuition has become one of the biggest worries regarding the effects of the pandemic, for those in a pinch for money and those who think that online learning just isn’t the same as in person learning. Therefore, should the tuitions be reduced if distance learning classes end up taking up the entire fall semester?

Suggestions – You may want to share your thoughts on:

· State clearly in your speech whether or not you are for or not for the topic.

· Show examples, whether it be from personal experiences (anecdotes) or cited evidence. Remember, evidence that needs citation is not REQUIRED, however it is strongly recommended. If you do provide evidence that is from a specific source, citing is required.

· and how you can use your own unique voices to build bridges among the people, families, and communities to make the world a better place.

2. Should universities go standardized test blind in admissions?

Standardized tests have been seen as the best way to objectively determine academic success of every student. However, some recent studies have proven that standardized tests don’t really test for knowledge. Some people also argue that standardized tests are biased towards those who can’t afford tutors or to take the test multiple times.

Suggestions – You may want to share your thoughts on:

· If you agree or disagree with the question

· Your arguments. Using evidence to back up your arguments is strongly recommended.

3. Is Cloning Ethical?

At the commencement of its genesis, cloning was thought by many to be a major breakthrough in the science field. However later on, genetic experimentation caused much skepticism in the public eye and many people began questioning the ethical conflict that the new technologies cultivated with the rise of cloning. Principles that formed the basis of human morality that our society holds dearly had its lines blurred in regard to the development of genetic editing. Yet, so many more breakthroughs, scientific advancements, and medical miracles could lie in the secrets of this new field of study which could push our society further towards a better tomorrow. Though the future of cloning is unclear, you can explain what you think is the answer to this question.

Suggestions – You may want to share your thoughts on:

· Weighing the positives and negatives that come with cloning: does the benefits of endless scientific research outweigh the drawbacks of genetic editing?

· Consider the role of religion, shared beliefs, and sentiments of common citizens. Is cloning too radical of a new concept in our society today partly in regard to the opinions of people in our country?


I. Category Contest Rules:

Speeches are to be 2-4 minutes in length for Junior (ages 5-10), 3-5 minutes in length for Intermediate (ages 11-14), and 4-6 minutes in length for Senior (ages 15-18).

II. Contest Prizes:

· In contests with three or more participants per category per age group, multiple choice award winners (if applicable), a third-place winner, a second-place winner, and a first- place winner will be announced.

· In contests with less than three participants per category per age group, a second-place winner (if applicable), and a first-place winner will be announced.

· Occasionally, a contest will be held with only one contestant. In such cases, a contest must still be held, and the contestant must be disqualified if he or she does not meet the timing, originality, and eligibility requirements.

· Contest results are scheduled to be announced on sharegrow.org.

Third place: Bronze metal + certification + 5$ gift card

Second place: Silver metal + certification + 10$ gift card

First place: Gold metal + certification + 20$ gift card

III. Judging Criteria:

To select the Category Winners from each category, the contest consists of one (1) round of evaluation. A team of student experts (“Judges”), nominated by S&G Association Student Board, in public speech will evaluate the entries based on the following criteria, and will select the top entries by applying those criteria (“Judging Criteria”):

Judging Criteria:

1) Delivery Quality

i. Appropriate eye contact throughout

ii. Expressions and mannerisms are effective

iii. Body movement and gestures are purposeful

iv. Effectively creates the appropriate mood

v. Holds the attention of the audience

2) Organization

i. Conveys message(s) articulately and with clarity

ii. Content is appropriate for the audience

iii. Proper identification of sources

iv. Efficient use of evidence

v. Meets time constraints

3) Command of Technique

i. Knows material well and does not need prompting

ii. Appears comfortable and in character

iii. Communicates without hesitation or confusion

iv. Connects with the audience

4) Overall Performance

However, we won’t use a specific rubric to allocate points. We believe in a holistic judging process because a speech shouldn’t be judged by meeting certain requirements, but rather how effective the speech is in conveying its message. The lists of points above should only serve to help the participants to prepare for their speeches.

IV. Judges:

Raymond Jiang

Hi! I’m a sophomore at Jenks High School and I’m in my second year of Lincoln-Douglas Debate. I like a convincing tone!

Wenny Xu

I am a sophomore at Edmond Memorial High School, in my first year of Public Forum Debate, and a National American Miss state finalist for two years. I enjoy speeches that can portray not only one’s confidence in speaking, but also provide evidence and information that has ground to hold.

Elianna Huang

I’m a freshman at Norman North and have been on the debate team for 3 years. In the past I have done both Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum debate. I have also competed in domestic extemporaneous speaking.I like unique, engaging, and well written speeches.

Alternate: Felix Yang/Eric Geng

V. Student Tutors:

Andy Wang

Hi! I am a Sophomore at Norman North High School and I have been in debate for 4 years. You may remember me from some of the Chinese School events as well, where I’ve spoken for the event two times. I have 4 years of experience in Public Forum Debate and 2 years of experience in Foreign Extemporaneous speaking.

To contact me, text this phone number: (405)-510-9590 or email me at: andywanggr@gmail.com

VI. Additional Rules:

· Judges' decisions are final unless the list of winners is announced incorrectly, in which case the chief judge, ballot counters, or timers are permitted to immediately interrupt to correct the error.

· Points will be deducted for speeches not meeting these parameters. When speakers have met the minimum time, a judge will hold up a green card. When 30 seconds remain until time is expired, the judge will hold up a red card. The speaker should then wrap up to avoid a point deduction (3 points).

· Notes on index cards are perfectly acceptable. However, no props or visual aids may be used.

· The speech must be an original work, written by the person giving the speech.

· Have fun: First and foremost, you are here to gain experience, celebrate your skills, and meet others with an interest in public speaking!

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