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March 09, 2019


我们的子女将在美国文化环境下成长,因为文化背景的不同, 作为父母的我们有时会不会无法理解他们的想法?

这次分享会,我们请到三位一代移民妈妈,分享她们与子女之 间的教育成长故事。作为子女完全成年的她们,回顾整个教育 过程的感悟、如何给予子女引导和尊重,以及华人父母对孩子 的期望vs华裔子女自己的抉择。


分享会上,我们会播放美国二代移民就我们提出的问题的语音 回答,听听他们的内心想法!

时间: 2019/03/09 1:30 pm- 3:00 pm

地点:Room AB , Norman Library Central


1. How are Chinese parents different from American parents? In what ways are they better? In which ways can they improve?

2. What is one thing I wish my parents knew about growing up as an ABC?

3. What’s one thing I wish I did more of or learned more about growing up? How would it have helped me in my adult life?

4. What’s one thing I am glad my parents taught me or made me learn while growing up?

5. How has growing up as an ABC impacted my adult life? My relationships?

6. What is one thing Chinese parents should stop doing? What is one thing Chinese parents should start doing?

7. Growing up, I felt proudest of my Chinese background when ________.

8. Growing up, I felt most embarrassed of my Chinese background when _________.