Congratulations to all contestants

Our Grand Prize Winner

C3-1st place AND grand prize Neddy Cai

Category 1: Preschoolers (Ages 3-5) Winners

C1-1st place Soo Yeon McGrail

C1-2nd place Samuel Wang

C1-2nd place Victoria Chen

C1-3rd place Natalie Dai

C1-3rd place Zhimu Jie-2

C1-3rd place Zhimu Jie

Category 2: Juniors (Ages 6-9) Winners

C2-1st place Grace Huang

C2-2nd place Andy Wang

C2-2nd place Elise Huang

C2-3rd place Jasmine Wang

C2-3rd place Livia Chen

C2-3rd place Mindi Ly

Category 3: Intermediates (Ages 10-13) Winners

C3-1st place AND grand prize Neddy Cai

C3-2nd place Gyanna Gao

C3-2nd place Sophia Chen

C3-3rd place Elly Zhu

C3-3rd place Hannah Wang

C3-3rd place Lydia Skinner-Noble

Category 4: Seniors (Ages 14-18 ) Winners

C4-1st place Emmy Huang

C4-2nd place Isabella Liu

C4-2nd place Wenny Xu

C4-3rd place Yun Yuan Gan