2020 Call for Applications:

Share & Grow Association –

Student Governance Board (S&GA-SGB)

We’re looking for passionate youths (8th-12th graders) to serve as S&GA student leaders, who will be responsible to touch the lives of the children and families in ways that are truly aspiring.

Goals of S&GA-SGB

1. To provide spiritual and educational programs which promote peace, harmony, and a high standard of ethical conduct among students.

2. To serve as a student advisory group to its parent organization, i.e., Share & Grow Association (SG&A), on important issues concerning its student body, organization, or functions.

3. To provide and support SG&A activity programs.

4. To provide an opportunity to members to exchange insights and ideas.

5. To provide development opportunities that enhance members’ knowledge, develop skills, and enrich the SG&A-SGB.

6. To provide ongoing leadership and support to the SG&A-SGB’s succession efforts.

7. To build up a talented pool of youth volunteers for the community.

Brief responsibilities of S&GA-SGB Officers

1. All the S&GA-SGB officers shall serve in the SG&A-SGB for one year, commencing Fall to the end of Summer next year.

2. All the S&GA-SGB officers may be re-elected to the same position only once.

3. New S&GA-SGB officers for the next term shall be elected at the Annual General S&GA-SGB Meetings which shall be held before the end of the Spring semester.

4. The newly elected S&GA-SGB officers shall be provided with guidance and advice by the existing Governing Committee members.

5. The Committees of the SG&A-SGB officers shall function as a team.

6. Please check the constitutions of SG&A-SGB for greater detail.

S&GA-SGB Organizational Structure

There are 8 officer positions as depicted in the following figure that we are currently recruiting for the year 2020-2021, i.e., from August 2020 to July 2021.

Key Selection Criteria for S&GA-SGB officers

1. Any student who will

  • be in 8th – 12th grade in the forthcoming academic year, and

  • commit to serve for SG&A-SGB for 1 calendar year, and

  • commit to serve a minimum 80 volunteer hours (average 2 hours per week, total 40 weeks services for 1 calendar year.

2. Great time management skills are preferred.

3. Great communication skills are preferred.

4. Relevant experience will be a plus.

5. Leadership experience will be a plus.

Application, Nomination, and Election

Step 1: Submission

Please use the link to fill the submission application: https://forms.gle/HUiNTcWSq4md752h7. Otherwise, please email the following documents to sharegrow.org@gmail.com by 5pm Wednesday, August 5th, 2020: (1) SG&A-SGB Application Form, (2) Resume, and (3) Personal statement (less than 500 words).

Step 2: Interview and Nomination

All candidates will be contacted for pre-election interviews by the S&GA Nominating Committee between August 6th – August 13th, 2020.

The S&GA Nominating Committee shall be responsible for nominating the final slate of prospective SG&A-SGB officers out of the application pool.

Step 3: Election

All S&GA members and candidates will be eligible to vote for each candidate.

Candidates shall deliver a virtual speech at the election on August 15th.

Voting will be anonymous and conducted over ADoodle.org.

Step 4: Quorum

A quorum must be attended by at least fifty percent of S&GA board members for SG&A-SGB officers to take place and motions to pass.

Step 5: Proclamation

The Official announcement official declaration will be made before end of August in 2020.